Chemical Elements History and Information Lithium

About the chemical element Lithium, its symbol, atomic number and weight, who discovered it and when.

The Atomic Elements and Their Uses

(Element) (Symbol) (Atomic number) (Atomic weight)

Lithium Li 3 6.941

Discovered by Johan Arfvedson of Sweden in 1817. Lithium is the lightest solid element. Introduced in 1855 as a cure for gout, it was soon used for epilepsy, then diabetes. In 1949, lithium salt was given to heart and kidney patients as a salt substitute. More recently, lithium has been used to relieve depression. A slight overdose of lithium can kill you. The poison accumulates in the body until it causes impaired vision and speech, tremors, twitching, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Coma and death can follow. Lithium drugs may have a thalidomidelike effect on unborn babies.

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