Chemical Elements History and Information Strontium

About the chemical element Strontium, its symbol, atomic number and weight, who discovered it and when.

The Atomic Elements and Their Uses

(Element) (Symbol) (Atomic number) (Atomic weight)

Strontium Sr 38 87.62

First detected and suggested as an element by William Cruikshank of Scotland in 1787. Isolated by Sir Humphry Davy of England in 1808. Radioactive strontium (strontium-90), produced by atmospheric atomic explosions, is a serious health hazard. It falls to the ground, and when cows eating grass take it in, it replaces some calcium in their milk. Consumed by children, it is incorporated into the structure of bones and teeth just like calcium, except that strontium acts as an internal source of radiation which can produce cancer, especially leukemia. Strontium-90 decays to half its original strength in 28 years and a fourth its original strength in 56 years. Since the Nuclear Test Ban Agreement of the early 1960s banned atmospheric testing, strontium-90 isn't the threat it used to be.

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