Chemical Elements History and Information Zinc

About the chemical element Zinc, its symbol, atomic number and weight, who discovered it and when.

The Atomic Elements and Their Uses

(Element) (Symbol) (Atomic number) (Atomic weight)

Zinc Zn 30 65.38

Known since medieval times. Pure zinc was first smelted in China and India about 1000 A.D. Brass is composed of 45% zinc and 55% copper. Zinc oxide in the form of calamine lotion dissolves oils out of the skin. Zinc is also used to galvanize steel and is the whitish metal used as a coating on washtubs and buckets. Zinc is an important trace element in the diet and promotes fast healing of wounds. Zinc-deficient animals require 50% more food than an animals supplied with adequate quantities of zinc to gain the same amount of weight.

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