Common Horse Sense to Problem Solve

About a man who used a little common sense to solve a very perplexing problem.


From: HARRY RHODES, JR. (Akron, O.)

I was a barber for 12 1/2 years and listened to so many stories that I could probably write a book myself. What I am going to tell you about was told to me in the shop by a businessman.

A large corporation had ordered a very high cylinder-type tank which was to be placed in the ground. The tank arrived on a boom-type truck. The truck driver passed the company gate and was about to unload the tank when he was informed that the tank was to be placed in a hole which had been prepared for it between two buildings. He in turn informed them that his contract called for him only to deliver the tank, but that he would place it in the hole for an additional $5,000. The company refused to pay the additional money and instructed the driver to unload the tank anywhere. So he unloaded the tank just past the gate.

Well, the corporation knew that it was in trouble when its top engineers admitted that they were stumped. Because of the way the buildings were situated, it was impossible to use a crane to lower the tank into the hole. The corporation therefore informed the truck driver that he would be paid the extra $5,000 if he could solve the problem.

The next day the truck driver drove past windows full of white shirts and smiles of doubt as the company employees prepared to watch the impossible. The truck driver loaded the tank back on the boom truck, and by that time, two truckloads of ice and two men with gas torches had arrived. The ice was unloaded into the hole, and the tank was unloaded from the boom truck onto the ice. The men then melted the ice with the torches, and as the ice turned to water, the tank sank down ever so gently. The operation took less than an hour.

The corporation, of course, thought that the $5,000 fee was way out of line and refused to pay that amount. The truck driver sued them and won his case. He submitted a bill to the court for buying and hauling the ice, for hiring the two torchmen--and for having the know-how.

This story goes to show that common horse sense sometimes is the answer to some difficult questions!

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