Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Constipation

About the symptoms of the constipationn and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Difficulty in moving your bowels. Irregularity alone does not mean a person is constipated. A better definition is hard, dry stools. Some people normally move their bowels daily, others only two or three times a week.

M.D.: The longer the stool remains in a person's bowels, the more water is absorbed from it. This causes the stool to become increasingly hard and dry, and thus it is difficult to eliminate.

Physicians are in agreement with nutritionists that constipation is generally caused by poor diet. The exception to this is people who are bedridden or inactive; their constipation comes from lack of exercise.

Another source of constipation is the laxative habit; the use of these medications weakens the muscles necessary for good elimination.

Nutritionist: More bulk in the diet, especially raw fruits and vegetables, bran cereals, and whole grains.

Vitamin A helps lubricate linings of all organs, including the lower intestines, so supplements of this will help. B-complex vitamins also help tone up intestinal muscles.

Psychiatrist: In most societies where there is early toilet training, control of body functions becomes intertwined with emotional control. Emotions repressed while coping with stressful events also affect the lower intestine, colon, and sphincter muscles. Resolving conflicts, or learning how to cope better with your everyday stresses, can solve elimination problems.

Acupuncturist: The meridian which affects the lower intestine runs under the nose to the cheek, then down the collarbone to the arm, then down to the fingertips. The sex meridian might also be needled; it runs from the breast down the arm to the second fingertip.

Herbalist: Senna chicory, raw cabbage leaves, bindweed, and thyme are often recommended for their gentle laxative effect. Chinese herbalists recommend the seed within the peach pit for its laxative benefits.

Other: Running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, and similar vigorous exercises tone up abdominal and intestinal muscles and stimulate a healthy peristaltic action in your intestines. Sit-ups strengthen abdominal walls, relax sphincter muscles, stimulate the liver, and aid normal elimination processes.

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