Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Diarrhea

About the symptoms of diarrhea and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Frequent passage of loose, watery stool. Sometimes nausea, fever, and abdominal pain go along with it.

M.D.: One of the worst dangers of diarrhea is dehydration, especially in small infants and young children. If diarrhea continues, doctors sometimes hospitalize infants so that body fluids can be maintained intravenously.

Causes of diarrhea are: viral or bacterial infections; dietary indiscretions; laxative substances, which range from antacid tablets with laxative components to fresh fruits; food allergies, which are highly individualized; and emotional stress.

Diarrhea caused by a virus should run its course in 2-3 days. Bed rest and constant intake of water are recommended. Avoid fruits and fruit juices.

After 24 hours, fluids such as clear broth, clear tea, or cold ginger ale can be taken. As symptoms disappear, cooked cereal, rice, boiled eggs, custard, and baked potato can be eaten. Resume regular diet in 4-5 days.

Sedatives and pain drugs can be given, though they have no positive effects on the disease itself.

Nutritionist: Take multivitamin and mineral supplements to replace nutrients your body can't otherwise absorb when you have diarrhea.

Yogurt, especially acidophilus yogurt, is beneficial during recovery period.

Plain brown rice provides B-complex vitamins in a form that is easy to digest.

Niacin taken with meals relieves chronic diarrhea.

People troubled with chronic diarrhea can usually trace it to a food allergy. Trial and error is the best method for locating the foods your body can't handle. But you might start with: sugars; antacid tablets; coffee, tea, or other beverages; milk products; greasy foods; chocolate; strong spices; and any kinds of drugs, prescribed or illicit.

Fasting or eating only rice cakes and water for 2-3 days can free your body of toxic substances.

Psychiatrist: Emotional turmoil brings on diarrhea in some people. Diarrhea can also be an expression of trying to rid yourself of a feeling you don't like.

Since diarrhea can occur during periods of positive, personal change, it can also be looked upon as a cleansing of your body.

Herbalist: Nettle tea and chamomile tea. Chinese herbalists prescribe a tea made of pomegranate bark.

Other: Diarrhea while traveling can be caused by tension and anxiety, disruptive food and sleeping patterns, or a combination of these. At such times you can often get relief by eating bananas or by taking one of the many over-the-counter drugstore preparations for diarrhea.

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