Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Indigestion

About the symptoms of indigestion and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Fullness in stomach, gas, or burning sensations after eating.

M.D.: The most common causes of indigestion are: eating too much, incomplete chewing, eating too rapidly, and eating during emotional strain or mental stress.

Swallowing large amounts of air while eating, smoking, constipation, eating poorly cooked foods, eating foods with a high fat content, alcoholic beverages, and foods high in sugars--all these can also contribute to this condition.

Gas-forming vegetables: cucumbers, radishes, beans, cabbage, turnips, and onions.

Organic cause of indigestion should be carefully considered, for indigestion can be a symptom of other diseases.

To avoid indigestion, eat balanced, well-cooked meals in a relaxed, leisurely manner and chew food completely. Do not smoke immediately before eating, for nicotine constricts blood vessels in your stomach and other organs, which throws digestive processes out of balance. Avoid gulping down food and drink. Avoid excitement after eating.

Encourage good eating habits, rather than the use of antacids, which only relieve symptoms.

Nutritionist: The sale of antacids supports a multimillion-dollar industry which is profiteering on the poor eating habits of an entire nation. There is only one way to end this form of exploitation, and that is to improve both the quality of the foods we eat and the manner in which we eat them.

The antacid industry would seem at times to be in conspiracy with food processing companies, whose preserved vegetables, fruit juices, fruits, and even meats are overcooked, sugared, salted, and laced with chemicals for no other reason than to give them a longer shelf life. Such foods not only lack nutriment but contain substances which irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

If you continue eating these food products, and eating them in a way which can only be disastrous to your stomach, you not only endanger your health, but provide the means by which the antacid industry makes its millions.

Break this chain of exploitation by turning to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, fowl, and lean meat or no meat. Develop good eating habits. Slow down your meals. Enjoy the sensation of taste again.

Eating can become a healthy, sensual pleasure again (or perhaps for the first time in your life), one you can enjoy even more by knowing that you are doing your part to end the antacid exploitation of the American public.

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