Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Menstrual Cramps

About the symptoms of menstrual cramps and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Pain or feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen, back, or pelvis, usually in the week before menstruation.

M.D.: Medical researchers speculate that premenstrual pain is associated with the retention of fluids or, in some cases, is due to emotional tension. Pain during menstruation is attributed to contractions of the uterus and varies in intensity from woman to woman.

In younger girls, menstrual cramps can begin as much as two years before the first menstruation.

Doctors vary in their treatments for menstrual cramps. Some prescribe pain pills, some mild sedatives, some a salt-free diet in the week before menstruation, and some heat applications to relax the painful areas. It has also been found that women who take birth control pills notice a reduction in their menstrual flow and experience little or no menstrual discomfort.

Occasionally a woman will report experiencing painful menstruation for the first time in her life soon after insertion of an intrauterine device. As their bodies adjust to the IUD, most women have no more difficulty. Others, however, never do adjust to them.

Nutritionist: Anemia caused by the loss of blood during menstruation can eventually cause depression, irritability, and a general feeling of discomfort. This can aggravate menstrual cramps.

Women suffering from this anemia can get relief by taking a B-complex supplement regularly. Make certain you are getting B6, which allows your body to use the iron needed to correct anemia.

Vitamins A and E help both in toning muscles in the pelvic area and in creating natural lubricants around each organ.

Calcium supplements taken with vitamin D (which allows your body to assimilate the calcium) can reduce pain.

Psychiatrist: Menstrual cramps can be linked to anxieties about sexual relations or to fears associated with childbirth. These feelings of tension may heighten the pain. As a woman works toward greater harmony in these areas, discomfort is reduced.

Acupuncturist: Tension in the pelvic area can be reduced, either temporarily or permanently, by applying acupuncture needles along the sex meridian, from the tip of the second finger up to the chest, or along the liver meridian, from the big toe up the leg and across the pelvis to the chest.

Herbalist: Teas of ginger or pennyroyal. Also a tea of the following mixture: alfalfa, comfrey, horsetail, Irish moss, and lobelia.

Other: Conscious relaxation of pelvic area or loosening exercises (through yoga, dance therapy, or chiropractics) can be of great benefit.

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