Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Nausea

About the symptoms of nausea and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Sick to the stomach; weakness; tightening in stomach; occasionally with feelings of faintness, vertigo, sweating, and headache.

M.D.: Nausea is produced by an increased tension on the walls of your stomach, duodenum, or esophagus. An unpleasant smell, a disturbing event, or a severe emotional upset can cause these reactions.

Nausea may be a symptom of other diseases, such as viral infections of the gastrointestinal tract, influenza, indigestion, food poisoning, or appendicitis. Every effort should be made to discover its exact cause.

There is no satisfactory explanation for what causes the nausea sometimes associated with morning sickness during pregnancy.

Vertigo and nausea associated with a cold or cough may indicate an ear infection.

Antiemetic drugs can be given to relieve nausea.

Nutritionist: If the physician has determined that your nausea is not associated with a disease, you may find it to be associated with deficiencies of magnesium or vitamin B6. Supplements of these taken during pregnancy can relieve morning sickness.

Low blood sugar may also be the cause of nausea. This can be corrected by increasing your intake of protein foods and reducing your intake of sweets and carbohydrates.

Fasting for two or three days, with only fluids or light juices, can rid your body of toxic materials and then help you locate the specific food, or foods, which might be the cause of your nausea.

Psychiatrist: Nausea can occur when a person is presented with an idea which awakens an intense personal fear. Rather than face the problem directly, the person subconsciously converts the emotion into a physical symptom. As people face such fears and work through them, physical symptoms disappear.

Acupuncturist: The nausea of motion sickness can be relieved by finger pressure on your mastoids (the bones protruding just behind each ear), your temples, or the base of the skull. Chew gum or work jaw up and down and from side to side to relieve pressure in ears causing nausea while traveling in a plane or in mountainous terrain in a car. Fresh air, as well as walking to restore circulation in your legs and lower torso, also relieves nausea experienced during travel.

Herbalist: Raspberry tea, mint tea, or a tea made of cayenne, ginger, goldenseal, and licorice. Also good to relieve morning sickness.

Other: Relaxation techniques, such as meditation or natural childbirth exercises, joined with deep, even breathing, can relieve most attacks of nausea. Some people believe that the best means to get rid of nausea is to allow yourself to vomit.

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