Common Illnesses Symptoms and Remedies Sinusitis

About the symptoms of sinusitis and advice for the proper treatments or remedies



Pain or feelings of fullness above or behind your eyes or in your cheeks. Some people's teeth ache or feel "long" when they get sinusitis.

M.D.: The sinuses are small cavities above and below your eyes and in the back of your throat. They contain mucosal tissue, which normally produces a blanket of moisture for your nose and upper respiratory channels.

Allergies, as well as viral and bacterial infections, can cause the tubes which ordinarily drain the sinuses to become blocked. Sinuses then swell with fluid and press on nerves, which causes the typical discomfort of this condition.

The disease usually runs its course in a matter of days, following a cold or flu.

Aspirin and antihistamines are ordinarily prescribed to relieve symptoms. Bed rest and heat applied to the face relieve the more uncomfortable cases.

Steam vaporizers can help soothe swollen sinus membranes.

People with chronic sinusitis are instructed to blow their nose in such a way that viruses or bacteria from nasal passages are not forced into the sinuses; that is blow with their mouth open.

Nutritionist: Vitamins A, B-complex, C, and D are recommended by nutritionists during a sinusitis attack. Foods rich in the B vitamins and iron, especially liver, can be beneficial.

There is another school of nutritionists who believe that both colds and sinus infections are caused by toxic substances in your system. They recommend fasts of 2-3 days, during which only diluted fruit or vegetable juices are consumed. Avoid salt.

Psychiatrist: Sinusitis may be aggravated or caused by tension in the upper face, especially around the nose and eyes. This tension can be the result of holding back tears of anger or sadness. It has been demonstrated many times over, in the course of psychotherapy, that when we learn to allow ourselves to cry or express buried angers, sinus conditions disappear.

Acupuncturist: Finger acupressure points can bring relief, on a meridian that follows each side of your nose to your eyebrows, then on a single line up your forehead, from top of nose to hairline. Continue over center of your head and down the back to the base of your skull.

Herbalist: A tea of: black cohosh, blessed thistle, pleurisy root, and skullcap. Also: comfrey tea, ginger tea, or goldenseal tea. Goldenseal may also be snuffed up the nose for relief.

Other: In yoga exercises, headstands stimulate circulation in nasal and sinus channels.

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