Country of the World Burundi

About the country Burundi, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: This nation in east central Africa is bounded by Rwanda, Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika, and Zaire. Mountainous terrain levels to a grassland plain bordering Lake Tanganyika, though much of the agricultural land is overgrazed and eroded. Climate is temperate with 40-60 in. of annual rainfall.

Size: 10,746 sq. mi. (27,834 sq. km.).

Population: 4 million.

Who Rules: Burundi is nominally ruled by a civilian executive council.

Who REALLY Rules: Three peoples densely crowd this country of extremes. The Tutsi, who comprise about 14% of the population, are extremely tall people, while the Hutu majority are of average, somewhat stocky build. The Twa are pygmies.

The Tutsi minority have occupied all positions of power for the past three centuries. Despite periodic Hutu uprisings, terrorism and unrestrained genocidal policies have kept the Tutsi dominant.

In November, 1976, Lt. Col. Jean Baptiste Bagaza became president in a nonviolent coup. As head of an executive council, Bagaza rules behind the civilian veneer of his ministers.

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