Country of the World Canaray Islands

About the country Canary Islands, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 2,808 sq. mi. (7,273 sq. km.).

Population: 1,300,000

Lying off the coast of northwest Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands are dominated by volcanic peaks (Pico de Teide on Tenerife Island has an altitude of 12,200 ft.) and coastal plains covered with rich volcanic soils. Although Spain presently rules the Canary Islands as a colony, a militant separatist organization is fighting for the islands' independence or incorporation into Morocco. In March, 1977, a separatist bombing of the Las Palmas airport on Grand Canary Island forced a Pan American Boeing 747 to change course and land at Los Rodeos on Tenerife. At the overcrowded Los Rodeos airport the worst air disaster in history occurred when a KLM 747 collided with the Pan American 747, resulting in 577 deaths.

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