Country of the World Ghana

About the country Ghana, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: Ghana is almost in the center of the West African countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea. The terrain is mostly flat. Undulating hills rise to nearly 3,000 ft. in the south but fall off quickly to the savannas and high plains of the north.

Size: 92,100 sq. mi. (238,539 sq. km.).

Population: 10.4 million.

Who Rules: The military. The main governing body is called the Supreme Military Council. In addition, the nine regions and most ministries are headed by military officers.

Who REALLY Rules: The military, but with the tacit approval of the urbanized elite of the country, who, though Ghana is nominally socialist, still receive preferential treatment. In 1977 western journalists were banned from Ghana and a 10-year sentence was ordered for the crime of rumormongering. In 1978 several hundred politicians were imprisoned.

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