Country of the World Guam

About the country Guam, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 210 sq. mi. (544 sq. km.).

Population: 115,000.

Geographically part of the Marianas of Micronesia in the Pacific, Guam is a U.S. territory strategically located about 1,500 mi. off the Asian coast. The U.S. military maintains several major bases on Guam, including an Air Force B-52 base and a Poseidon submarine tender. The only other economic resource is tourism: The island itself has beautiful scenery, with beaches and waterfalls and a tropical climate. All U.S. income tax collected on Guam is returned to the island by the U.S. government to run Guam's government. Guamanians often feel neglected and misunderstood by America and other countries. They resent the U.N.'s implication that they are unhappy colonial subjects of the U.S., and in a recent nonbinding referendum, independence came in last out of five choices for future status.

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