Country of the World Guinea

About the country Guinea, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: The West African country of Guinea has a jagged coastline, behind which the land rises in a series of plateaus to the Fouta Djallon Mountains which guard the headwaters of West Africa's principal rivers--the Senegal, the Niger, and the Gambia. Beyond the mountains lie a relatively dry region and, along the Liberian border, dense forest.

Size: 94,963 sq. mi. (245,957 sq. km.).

Population: 4.7 million.

Who Rules: The 1958 constitution declares the nation to be a "democratic, secular, socialist republic." Executive power ultimately rests with the president. Executive functions are divided into eight "domains." The presidential domain consists of ideology and information, while the premier is responsible for foreign policy, planning, and the economy.

Who REALLY Rules: The guiding force is the Politburo of the Democratic party of Guinea under the leadership of Pres. Sekou Toure. In fact Toure considers the party congress, held every five years, the supreme organ of state and ranks the National Assembly third in importance after the National Revolutionary Council. Although theoretically Toure is responsible to the assembly, there are no practical restraints on his power.

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