Country of the World Guyana

About the country Guyana, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 83,000 sq. mi. (214,970 sq. km.).

Population: 843,000.

Once known as British Guiana, Guyana is a small country on the northeast coast of South America. The coast is swampy and heavily forested, cut by rivers whose beds continually change course. Farther inland are sparsely wooded savannas and, still farther, the Guiana highlands, a high plateau that was the inspiration for various fictional "lost worlds." A "brain drain" of over 12,000 emigrants annually is causing real problems for Guyana. There is also a serious racial problem between the East Indians, who comprise over 50% of the population, and the blacks. Guyana's prime minister is Forbes Burnham, a black installed in 1964 by the CIA, which feared that his predecessor, East Indian Cheddi Jagan, was too sympathetic to the Soviet Union. Burnham, too, turned out to be left-leaning; in fact, Guyana is the most socialistic nation in the Caribbean after Cuba.

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