Country of the World Northern Marianas

About the country Marianas, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 210 sq. mi. (544 sq. km.).

Population: 14,500.

The Northern Marianas are a chain of tropical islands in the western Pacific running north of Guam. Only six are permanently inhabited. From the south they are: Rota, an agricultural island; Tinian, a large island on which the U.S. Defense Dept. may build a base; Saipan, the main island, site of a W.W. II campaign and presently the capital of the Strategic Trust Territory of the U.N., and the much smaller islands of Pagan, Agrihan, and Alamagan. Officially still part of the Strategic Trust Territory of the U.N. (TT), the Northern Marianas will become a separate commonwealth of the U.S. by 1981. Anxious to continue Americanization and modernization of their life-style, and slightly disdainful of the more primitive districts in the TT, the people of the Marianas voted in favor of much closer ties with the U.S. rather than the free association being considered by the rest of the TT. A commonwealth treaty was drawn up and passed by the U.S. Congress in 1976.

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