Country of the World Netherland Antilles

About the country Netherland Antilles, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 383 sq. mi. (993 sq. km.).

Population: 250,000.

Five and a half islands (half of one island belongs to France) in two distinct groupings form the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. The three major islands, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, lie just off the coast of Venezuela; St. Eustatius, Saba, and St. Martin (which is half French) are over 500 mi. away, to the northeast. The economy of the islands is now dependent on oil; there are large refineries on Aruba and Curacao. In 1954 the islands were granted full self-government by the Netherlands, but they have not yet achieved independence. A 1977 referendum on Aruba showed 57% of the voters in favor of independence.

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