Country of the World New Hebrides Condominium

About the country New Hebrides Condominium, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 5,700 sq. mi. (14,763 sq. km.).

Population: 100,000.

The New Hebrides are a double chain of about 80 islands in the Pacific about 1,300 mi. northeast of Australia and a similar distance west of the Samoas. When the Portuguese explorer Pedro de Queiros discovered the islands in 1606, there may have been as many as a million inhabitants, many of them fierce and cannibalistic. Cutthroat sandalwood traders and well-meaning missionaries, however, soon cut down the island's native population drastically. Since 1906 the New Hebrides have been ruled jointly by the British and French in a bizarre form of government known as a condominium. The islands have dual sets of police, schools, banks, and other essential services.

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