Country of the World People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

About the country People's Democratic Republic of Yemen or South Yeme, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen is located in southwest Asia in the western half of the Arabian Peninsula's southern coast. It consists of the city of Aden (formerly a British crown colony) on the Gulf of Aden and a less developed mountainous interior. The climate, both inland and on the coast, is extremely hot, with summer temperatures exceeding 120 deg. F. Average rainfall is less than 3 in. annually.

Size: 112,000 sq. mi. (290,000 sq. km.), almost as large as Michigan and Wisconsin combined. The country's northern border with Saudi Arabia in the desert region has never been defined.

Population: 1.8 million.

Who Rules: A three-person presidential council with a ministerial form of government. On the regional and local levels, locally selected committees direct the activities of agricultural and fishing cooperatives.

Who REALLY Rules: The Central Committee of the Marxist National Liberation Front. Most of the top government people are members of the 30-person Central Committee.

In recent years the National Front regime has moderated its international political stance, establishing diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates and accepting substantial World Bank aid. In what appears to be a hard-nosed diplomatic deal, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen is currently benefiting from a joint Saudi--United Arab Emirates $400 million aid package in exchange for cutting off active military support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman in neighboring Oman's Dhofar Province.

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