Country of the World Surinam

About the country Surinam, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 63,037 sq. mi. (163,265 sq. km.).

Population: 463,000.

About one third of the native Surinamese do not live in Surinam. This country in northern South America on the Atlantic Ocean has experienced a serious emigration problem as its citizens have flocked to the Netherlands. Surinam's 1975 independence treaty with the Netherlands calls for a 10-year grace period for Surinamese residents in the Netherlands to decide whether they will return to their homeland. Since over 60% of Surinam's budget comes from the U.S. owned bauxite industry, the U.S. has great interest in seeing a stable, receptive government in power. The Dutch, too, left Surinam with a "golden handshake"--an economic package of over $1.7 billion in aid.

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