Country of the World Togo

About the country Togo, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: On the southern coast of West Africa, Togo is bounded on the north by Upper Volta, on the east by Benin, on the south by the Gulf of Guinea, and on the west by Ghana. This narrow strip of ground rises from the gulf to a plateau which leads to the Atakora Mountains in the middle of the country. To the north is the Oti River valley and gently rolling grasslands.

Size: 21,926 sq. mi. (56,785 sq. km.).

Population: 2.4 million.

Who Rules: Togo makes no pretense of being a democracy. All power stems from the president, Gen. Gnassingbe Eyadema. Although he conducts statecraft in the President's Palace, he prefers to live in the army barracks with his wife. The National Assembly has been dissolved since 1967.

Who REALLY Rules: The fate of the Togolese is determined as much by poverty as it is by the dictates of Eyadema. With nine in ten unable to read and with one doctor for every 22,000 residents, the average Togolese scratches out a bare subsistence and dies at 35, one of the world's lowest life expectancies.

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