Country of the World Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

About the country Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.



Size: 687 sq. mi. (1,779 sq. km.).

Population: 115,000.

The TT is that part of Micronesia controlled by the U.S. as a strategic trust territory of the U.N. It includes the Marshall, Caroline, and Mariana Islands. The terms of the U.N. agreement allow the U.S. to keep the islands indefinitely and control all access to the area, including the U.N.'s. The U.S. took the islands from the Japanese in W. W. II; prior to the Japanese occupation following W.W. I, they were controlled by the Germans, who had taken them from Spain following the Spanish-American War. Controlled by the Dept. of the Interior, the islands are considered strategically important by the Departments of Defense and State, which have bases or plans for bases on some of the islands and want to keep other major powers out of the area. In April, 1978, the U.S. agreed to grant independence to the TT by 1981, but the U.S. will retain control of matters of defense for 15 years. The islands will probably split into separate nations. The most developed district, the Marianas, has already chosen to become an American commonwealth. Two other districts have also entered into separate negotiations--the Marshalls, which prefers not to share with the other districts the rent money it collects from the large Kwajelein Army Base, and Palau. Yap, the most traditional district, still has a potentially self-sufficient subsistence economy; Truk, the most populous, needs a lot of outside money, some of which it gets from tourists who come to scuba dive; Ponape has adequate land that produces much food (and will be the site of the TT capital), as does Kosrae.

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