Country of the World Yugoslavia

About the country Yugoslavia, its location, size, population, leaders and rulers.




Lay of the Land: In southeastern Europe, Yugoslavia is bordered by Austria and Hungary on the north, Romania and Bulgaria on the east, Greece on the south, Albania on the southwest, and the Adriatic Sea and Italy on the west. The terrain is largely mountainous. About 20% consists of fertile plains and lowlands which flank the Danube River.

Size: 98,766 sq. mi. (255,804 sq. km.).

Population: 22 million.

Who Rules: The supreme state organ is the Federal Assembly, a two-chamber legislature responsible for electing the president and the cabinet, the latter known as the Federal Executive Council. Also wielding power is a 15-member Presidium of the Communist Party.

Who REALLY Rules: President Tito, who has steered Yugoslavia clear of outright Soviet domination since he took over in 1945, still calls the shots. However, his health has been failing in recent years.

Yugoslavia is the most open of all Soviet bloc countries. People are free to leave the country. Criticism of government policy is tolerated, if not encouraged. However, free speech does not extend to the right to advocate the overthrow of the present government. All management personnel are elected by the workers, who also have a voice in working conditions. Although this democratic policy has kept management in tune with employee needs and desires, it also has cramped productivity. To correct this, government officials in 1975 began letting bosses fire workers who fail to pull their weight.

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