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Lay of the Land: Zambia is a kidney-shaped country of high plateaus and temperate climate located on the fringe of white-dominated southern temperate Africa. The magnificent Victoria Falls, one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls, thunders down the Zambezi River, a waterway that separates Zambia from its southern neighbor, Zimbabwe. Also to the south is the Caprivi Strip, a narrow finger of Namibia that is inserted between Zambia and northwestern Botswana and nearly joins Namibia with the Zimbabwe frontier.

Size: 290,586 sq. mi. (752,614 sq. km.).

Population: 5.3 million.

Who Rules: The United National Independence party (UNIP) is the only political party allowed by law. The National Assembly consists of 125 UNIP members elected by universal suffrage plus up to 10 members appointed by the president. The UNIP members are chosen by voters from a slate of three candidates from each constituency who have been nominated by local party officials and approved by the UNIP Central Committee.

Who REALLY Rules: Tribalism plays a heavy role in Zambian politics. The Bemba predominate in most government areas but still face opposition from the Lozi and the Ngoni. Pres. Kenneth Kaunda, because of his Malawi origin, is able to remain above tribal divisions and is thus able to orchestrate the government in a low-key manner. Because of Zambia's heavy reliance on the copper industry, mining companies, especially the De Beers Company of South Africa, have a strong influence in Zambia.

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