Cowboy Biography William Clarke Quantrill Part 3

About the famous cowboy William Clarke Quantrill, history and biography including his earning and how he died.



Earnings: There is little evidence to indicate that Quantrill's plundering made him wealthy. Despite his repeated promises to send money back to his mother in Ohio, he never did. But on his deathbed, he instructed the priest who converted him to Catholicism and heard his confession to deliver $2,000 to his second mistress, Kate King. She used the bequest to establish a leading St. Louis brothel.

How Died: Trying to lie low in Kentucky, Quantrill divided the small group still loyal to him and took 11 guerrillas with him to the farm of James H. Wakefield. While napping in Wakefield's hayloft during a heavy rain on May 10, 1865, Quantrill heard the first shots fired at his men by a Union detachment that had tracked down his notorious band. As he ran through the barnyard mud and manure to make his escape into the woods, Quantrill was shot in the back. With his spine shattered so that he was paralyzed below the shoulders, Quantrill was perhaps not even aware that a finger of his right hand also had been blown off. Transported by wagon to Louisville, Quantrill lingered in pain until he died on June 6, 1865. He was buried in Louisville's Portland Catholic Cemetery, but in 1887 his mother had the body exhumed and shipped to Ohio. As if he were fated never to rest in peace, Quantrill's bones disappeared--perhaps sold by his mother--the remains later turning up as the property of a Kansas collector.

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