Debate and Panel on Utopias Physical Enviornment

A panel discussion about utopias with thinkers like Dass, Montagu, and Ginsberg discussing their ideal utopia's physical enviornment.


1. What would the physical environment of your utopia be like?

Asimov: On Earth, parks, farms, and wilderness in carefully balanced proportions. Industry would, for the most part, be on space stations in orbit, run by the power of the Sun.

Buckley: No snakes, no government forms.

Dass: Very much as it is now, though perhaps more consciously cared for.

Fadiman: An environment in which technology is used only to make technology itself invisible, inaudible, unsmellable, unfeelable, untastable. One in which a quietly restrained nature dominates.

Ginsberg: Gardened urbs [cities], tree crop agriculture on hills and in cities.

Michener: An opportunity to work 10 hours a day in solid surroundings and with good companions, each doing his or her own work. Four hours of recreation such as tennis, hiking, fishing, photography, but definitely something relating to nature and the outdoors. Two hours catching up on the newer intellectual developments, including political and court decisions, with materials for study at hand. Eight hours in a sturdy bed, with a bed board, a hard pillow, window open, and light blankets.

Montagu: Garden cities surrounded by green belts in which no one would ever have to use surface transportation of any kind. Maximum size of cities would be 50,000. Each house situated on at least two acres.

Untermeyer: It would be an environment of peace. Brotherhood would be a reality, not a disregarded cliche. There would be neither pollution nor politicians. It would be a state of absolute blessedness--one which (to venture a pseudopun) would be not only near-Nirvana, but Nirvana itself.

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