Debate and Symposium on Utopias Panel Introduction

A discussion and debate on utopias and utopian societies, introduction to the panelists including Isaac Asimov, Allen Ginsberg, and Ram Dass.


The Almanac editors asked a number of persons, well known in their respective fields, nine questions on their personal version of utopia.

The following persons responded to the Almanac poll:

ISAAC ASIMOV, prolific popular science writer, noted for his readable texts, such as Asimov's Guide to Science.

WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, JR., author, lecturer, and leading spokesperson for the conservative movement.

RAM DASS, formerly a Harvard professor named Richard Alpert, now a philosopher and author of several books, including Be Here Now.

CLIFTON FADIMAN, author, editor, and Book-of-the-Month Club judge.

ALLEN GINSBERG, political activist and poet, who achieved fame in 1956 with the publication of Howl.

JAMES MICHENER, internationally acclaimed best-selling author, who received a Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for his first published book, Tales of the South Pacific.

ASHLEY MONTAGU, social scientist and author of The American Way of Life and other books.

LOUIS UNTERMEYER, the late poet, author, and anthologist, whose collections include Lives of the Poets and 1,000 Years of English and American Poetry.

Their answers follow.

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