E. C. McKenzie's Collection of Fun and Bizarre Trivia

A collection of random facts and fun trivia from oddity hunter E. C. McKenzie including trivia about dog age, suicide in the Bible, and mosquitoes.


E. C. McKenzie's 20 Best Oddities

E. C. McKenzie, a retired minister of the Church of Christ, served as editor in chief of the Standard Reference Indexed Bible and is listed in The National Registry of Prominent Americans and Who's Who in the South. He is the author of 14 books, including Salted Peanuts and Mixed Nuts.

1. Cut flowers become sleepy and wilt in the presence of apples.

2. In 1913, the tax on a $4,000 annual income was one penny.

3. Henry Ford forgot to put a reverse gear in his first automobile.

4. Ninety-seven percent of all people offered a new pen to try, write their own name.

5. A dog is as old at 12 years as a man at 84.

6. Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive an automobile.

7. In the U.S., a person dies every 14 1/2 seconds.

8. If a color-blind woman marries a man with normal vision, all of their sons will be color-blind, and all of their daughters will have normal vision.

9. It cannot be proved by the Bible that Jesus Christ ever smiled.

10. Sixty days are required for a housefly to become a great-grandmother.

11. A man's beard grows an inch in about eight weeks.

12. Seven suicides are recorded in the Bible.

13. Theodore Roosevelt was the only president of the U.S. who was not sworn in on a Bible.

14. Seventy-two muscles are used in speaking one word.

15. The eggs of the water flea will hatch 10 years after they are laid.

16. During W.W.II, it cost the U.S. $225,000 to kill an enemy soldier.

17. Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, and blonds to brunets.

18. Although diamond is crystal clear, when reduced to dust it is as black as other carbon. A diamond is the only gem composed of only one element.

19. The nine most useful English words are: and, be, it, of, the, will, I, have, you.

20. A normally healthy person can lose as much as one third of his blood without fatal results.

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