Famous Family History Ernest Hemingway Children

About the family of famous author Ernest Hemingway, history of his sons.


American author

His Fruits: Three sons survived the novelist. John "Bumby" Hemingway (1923- ) was the only child of Ernest's first marriage. Jack Hemingway, as he now prefers to be known, physically resembles his father. During W.W.II, he was reconnoitering behind enemy lines in France when he was wounded in a German ambush. He waited out the war as a POW, remained in the army for about 10 years, then pursued a business career. Retired in 1967, he returned permanently to Ketchum, Ida., his father's last home, to teach languages. His two daughters have updated the family name with their own accomplishments, Joan as a writer and Margaux as a model and actress.

To his father's delight, Patrick Hemingway (1928- ) became a professional white hunter in Africa after attending both Stanford University and Harvard. Since 1964 he has taught courses at Tanzania's College of Wildlife Management. The mother of Patrick and Gregory was Pauline Pfeiffer Hemingway (1894-1951), Ernest's second wife.

Dr. Gregory Hancock Hemingway (1931- ) has come closest to emulating both father and grandfather in vocations. Now a practicing physician in Montana, he is also the author of a 1976 autobiographical account--Papa: A Personal Memoir--the only book thus far produced by a Hemingway son. Gregory became bitterly estranged from his father in 1951 and never saw him again. The youngest son, like Patrick, worked as a professional game hunter in Africa for a time, but tired of trying to become a "Hemingway hero." When Ernest died, he said, "I confess I felt profound relief when they lowered my father's body into the ground and I realized that he was really dead, that I couldn't disappoint him, couldn't hurt him anymore."

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