Famous Family History Marie Curie Children

About the family of famous scientist Marie Curie, history of her daughters.

MARIE CURIE (1867-1934),

Polish-French chemist, physicist

Her Fruits: Marie Curie bore two daughters by her French husband and research partner, Pierre Curie (1859-1906).

Irene (1897-1956) became intensely absorbed in her parents' scientific research. W. W. I took her into military hospitals as a nurse in primitive radiology. She also served as her mother's laboratory assistant at the Radium Institute in Paris starting in 1918, and in 1921 began publishing reports about her own work in physics. In 1926 she married another of her mother's assistants, Frederic Joliot (1900-1958), and the couple agreed to use the name Joliot-Curie thenceforth. A long, fruitful collaboration, duplicating that of her parents, resulted. Their radiological research led to frequent publications and pioneer work in the technology of atom smashers. In 1935 the couple received the third Nobel Prize awarded the Curie family. During the German occupation of France in W.W. II, the Joliot-Curies halted their publications but stayed in France in order to prevent Nazi removal of their laboratory. Irene and her two children finally fled to Switzerland in 1944. Later the couple resumed work, though on a smaller scale because of government harassment over their affiliation with the French Communist party. Like her mother, Irene Joliot-Curie died of leukemia as a result of her lifelong contact with radioactive substances. Daughter Helene (1927- ) and son Pierre (1932- ) carry on the renowned family name.

Eve Denise Curie Labouisse (1904- ) cultivated totally different interests from those of her parents and older sister. A woman of lively wit and artistic talent, Eve Curie became a concert pianist. Her Paris debut was in 1925. After her sister married, she lived with her mother and wrote music criticism under a pen name. Her 1937 biography, Madame Curie, became a best-seller, and thereafter she wrote, lectured, and traveled widely. She fled France in 1940 and became a war correspondent, also speaking often on behalf of De Gaulle's Free French army. Journey Among Warriors was her second book. After the war, she served as special NATO adviser in Paris and, in 1954, married Henry R. Labouisse, an American U.N. official. She has been an American citizen since 1956.

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