Famous Family History Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Children

About the family of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, history of his sons and daughters.


(1756-1791), Austrian composer

His Fruits: Four sons and two daughters were born of Mozart's marriage to Constanze Weber (1763-1842), but only two sons outlived their father.

Karl Thomas Mozart (1784-1858), a skillful pianist, did not perform professionally. He became an Austrian government official and never married. With his death, the direct Mozart lineage ended.

The youngest child, Franz Xavier Wolfgang Mozart (1791-1844), was known as Wolfgang Amadeus, Jr. Born only five months before his father's death, he remembered nothing of him. In a classic case of a father's fame intimidating a gifted child, the son showed early promise as a composer of depth and originality, but the image of the father he never knew loomed over his career with a stifling effect. The shy boy grew into an introverted, self-deprecating man. He became a professional musician and enjoyed moderate success both as a teacher and a performer, but--to his mother's exasperation and the general dismay of friends--he flinched from any exhibition of his composing skills. One acquaintance stated that Mozart's son "always appeared to underrate his talent and feared that whatever he produced would be compared with what his father had done." He himself told a friend that so much was expected of him "from the circumstance of his name" that it had become a burden to him. In Lvov, Poland, where he spent much of his life, his promising talent faded from view. Even his tombstone allowed him no escape from the heritage that had crushed his spirit: "May the name of his father be his epitaph, as his veneration for him was the essence of his life." He left no young Mozarts behind him to relive his agony.

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