Famous Feasts in History Esau and Jacob's Pottage

About the famous Biblical feast of pottage between Esau and Jacob where Esau lost his birthright.


The Occasion: Esau eats his mess of pottage, early biblical times.

The Host: Jacob, Esau's younger twin brother.

The Menu: A delicious pottage made from red lentils. Rabbi el Bassam, an ancient commentator on the Talmud, reputedly spent 15 years trying in vain to establish the name of the cook who made this wonderful pottage for Jacob.

Table Talk: Esau, who had killed Babel's King Nimrod while out hunting, hastened home and said to Jacob, "Give me of your red pottage, for I am faint." Jacob replied, "Sell me this day your birthright." This Esau did, perhaps because he was so hungry and thought he would die anyway for having killed King Nimrod. At any rate, all of Esau's rights of primogeniture and their father Isaac's blessing went to Jacob, whose sons became the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel.

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