Famous Feasts in History Feast of King Solomon

About the famous Biblical feast of King Solomon history and description.


The Occasion: A feast of Solomon, Israel, c. 950 B.C.

The Host: Solomon, king of the united kingdom of Israel and Judah.

The Menu: Solomon thought nothing of sacrificing 22,000 oxen and any number of fattened fowl for a feast in his luxurious palace, and he had a team of 12,000 horsemen whose sole job it was to scour the countryside looking for "victual to feed all who came to Solomon's table." The hart, the wild goat, the gazelle, and the hartebeest were also probably served, according to the Bible and its commentators.

Table Talk: Guests may have observed that (as the Bible tells us) Solomon's household alone, including his 700 wives and 300 concubines, consumed 10 oxen and numerous other animals in a single day.

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