Famous Feasts in History Feast of Queen Elizabeth I

About the famous feasts of English Queen Elizabeth the first, history, menu, and description.


The Occasion: A feast honoring Queen Elizabeth I, England, 1575.

The Host: The Earl of Leicester.

The Menu: The feast lasted 17 days, and delicacies from all over Europe were served.

Table Talk: Guests praised the magnificent pageantry more than the food. A temporary bridge 70 ft. long spanned the valley to the earl's castle at Kenilworth, and on each side of it stood huge columns heavy with offerings of the Grecian and Roman deities to Her Majesty. Sylvanus offered two cages of wild fowl; Pomona, two great silver bowls filled with fruits; Ceres, two silver bowls filled with wheat, barley, etc.; Neptune, a great silver plate filled with fish; and Bacchus, two silver bowls filled with wine and clusters of grapes.

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