Famous Feasts in History The Banquet of Mayors

About the famous feast the banquet of mayors held in Paris, France, menu, history, and description.


The Occasion: The banquet of mayors, Paris, 1900.

The Host: The Republic of France, which feted 22,295 municipal magistrates.

The Menu: Provisions included 500 lb. of meat, 5,000 lb. of pheasant, 4,000 lb. of salmon, 5,000 lb. of duckling, 5,000 lb. of other fowl, 1,300 quarts of mayonnaise, 26,000 lb. of fruit, 50,000 bottles of wine, 60,000 petits fours, 3,000 quarts of coffee, and 1,000 quarts of liqueurs. All cooked, served to perfection, and cleared by 1,800 maitres d'hotel, 3,600 cooks and waiters, and 300 dishwashers.

Table Talk: The guests, dining at nine immense tables under a banquet awning in the Tuileries Gardens, speculated that the dinner (which was catered by the firm of Potel and Chabot) brought together the largest number of people ever seated for one meal.

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