Famous Feasts in History The First Thanksgiving Dinner

About the famous feasts of the first Thanksgiving dinner between the Indians and pilgrims, history, menu, and description.


The Occasion: The first Thanksgiving dinner, America, Plymouth Colony, 1621.

The Host: The Pilgrims, who played host to Chief Massasoit and 91 other Wampanoag Indians at a feast to give thanks to God for the settlers' survival.

The Menu: Venison stew cooked over an outdoor fire; spit-roasted wild turkeys stuffed with corn bread; oysters baked in their shells; sweet corn baked in its husks; pumpkin baked in a bag and flavored with maple syrup. The food was served on large wooden serving platters called trenchers, and each diner had a smaller trencher of his own (hence the word trencherman, meaning a hearty eater).

Table Talk: After the Pilgrims and their guests had finished, Chief Massasoit's brother Quadequina disappeared into the woods and returned with a bushel of popped popcorn, which the colonists had never tasted before.

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