Famous Gravesites and Epitaphs Composer Franz Schubert

About the final resting place of composer Franz Schubert including location, gravestone description and epitaph.


FRANZ SCHUBERT, Austrian composer, 1797-1828

Where Buried: Wahring Cemetery, Vienna, Austria (1797-1828).

Gravestone: Large monument with sculptured relief of Schubert crowned in laurel by muse, lyre below.

Epitaph: "Music has here buried a rich treasure, But much fairer hopes; Franz Schubert lies here." (Inscription, in German, omitted on final monument.)

Amen: Original grave opened in 1888 along with that of Beethoven. In an excess of scientific zeal, comparative measurements were made of the two composers' bones, after which they were reburied in Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), Vienna, Austria.

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