Famous Gravesites and Epitaphs Explorer Jacques Marquette

About the final resting place of explorer Jacques Marquette including location, gravestone description and epitaph.


JACQUES MARQUETTE, French missionary and explorer, 1637-1675

Where Buried: Marquette Park, St. Ignace, Mich.

Gravestone: White marble shaft surmounted by stone cross.

Epitaph: "In Memoriam. Erected by the citizens of St. Ignace in 1882, this monument marks the grave of Rev. Father James Marquette, S.J., who died on the eighteenth day of May 1675, at the age of thirty-eight and was buried here, in 1677. R.I.P." (Inscription in Latin.)

Amen: The Pere Marquette Memorial in Ludington, Mich., marks the reputed location of Marquette's original grave. Controversy still exists over authenticity of both sites.

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