Famous Gravesites and Epitaphs Playwright Oscar Wilde

About the final resting place of playwright Oscar Wilde including location, gravestone description and epitaph.


OSCAR FINGAL O'FLAHERTIE WILLS WILDE, Irish playwright, poet, wit, 1854-1900

Where Buried: Pere Lachaise Cemetery near Paris, France.

Gravestone: A huge rectangular tomb dominated by the figure of a nude Egyptian-like male angel in flight, the penis partially chipped off by vandals.

Epitaph: An inscription beginning, "Oscar Wilde, author of √ęSalome' and other beautiful works," which goes on to recount his education and literary prizes, and concludes, "He died fortified by the Sacraments of the Church on November 30, 1900, at the Hotel d'Alsace, 13 Rue des Beaux Arts, Paris, RIP." There follows a quotation in Latin from Job, and then a verse: "And alien tears will fill for him/ Pity's long, broken urn./ For his mourners will be outcast men,/ And outcasts always mourn." Beneath that the following postscript: "This tomb, the work of Jacob Epstein, was given by a lady as memorial of her admiration of the poet."

Epitaph: "When the Last Trumpet Sounds and We Are Couched in our Porphyry Tombs, I shall Turn and Whisper to You Robbie, Robbie, Let Us Pretend We Do Not Hear It."

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