Famous Gravesites and Epitaphs Sioux Chief Sitting Bull

About the final resting place of Sioux Chief Sitting Bull including location, gravestone description and epitaph.


SITTING BULL (TATANKA IYOTAKE), American Dakota Sioux chief, 1834?-1890

Where Buried: Post Cemetery, Fort Yates, N.D. (1890-1954).

Gravestone: Tall marble pedestal supporting three-ton granite bust of chief, on elevated shrine with flagpole and American flag.

Epitaph: "Chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux."

Amen: Bones kidnapped and reburied in 1954 by tourist-minded residents of Mobridge area on site of former Indian villages, Sitting Bull Park, Little Eagle, S.D. Concrete poured over new coffin to prevent further resurrection.

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