Famous Gravesites and Epitaphs Slave Dred Scott

About the final resting place of slave Dred Scott including location, gravestone description and epitaph.


DRED SCOTT, U.S. slave, 1795?-1858

Where Buried: Wesleyan Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo. (1858-1866).

Gravestone: Tabular granite marker with cross and inscriptions.

Epitaph: On front: "Freed from slavery by his friend Taylor Blow." On back: "Subject of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1857 Which Denied Citizenship to the Negro, Voided the Missouri Compromise Act. Became One of the Events that Resulted in the Civil War."

Amen: Reburied 1866, in Section 1, Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.

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