Famous Last Will and Testament Actor Harold Lloyd

About the last will and testament of famous American actor Harold Lloyd.


HAROLD LLOYD, U.S. actor and producer, died 1971

Last Will: Lloyd stipulated that his 44-room mansion at 1225 Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills go to the Lloyd Foundation and be used "for the benefit of the public at large, specifically as an educational facility and museum for public viewing and scholarly research into the history of the motion picture in the U.S." His films, old Rolls-Royce and Packard autos, and theatrical items also went into the museum. Lloyd, a widower, willed shares from a residuary trust to his children, specifying that a bank, a lawyer, and a businessman administer the funds at all times.

Postscript: The Lloyd Foundation was unable to raise the $50,000-a-year maintenance costs for the 15.7-acre estate-a condition of the will. Thus, the mansion and grounds were offered to a number of entities, including the city of Beverly Hills and the state of California. When all refused, the estate was sold to Iranian Nasrollah Afshani of Beverly Hills-for $1.6 million.

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