Famous Last Will and Testament Assassin Charles Guiteau

About the last will and testament of famous American assassin Charles Guiteau.


CHARLES GUITEAU, U.S. assassin, died 1882

Last Will: The undoubtedly insane Guiteau shot President Garfield twice in the back. As soon as he entered his prison cell, he began to write his memoirs. On the day before his execution, he wrote a letter to a chaplain which has since been known as "Guiteau's Will." It read:

"To the Rev. William W. Hicks

"I, Charles Guiteau, of the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, now under sentence of death, which is to be carried into effect between the hours of twelve and two o'clock on the 30th day of June A.D., 1882, in the United States Jail in the said District, do hereby give and grant to you my body after such execution; provided however, it shall not be used for any mercenary purposes.

"And I hereby, for good and sufficient considerations, give, deliver and transfer to said Hicks my book entitled The Truth and Removal and copyright thereof to be used by him in writing a truthful history of my life and execution.

"And I direct that such history be entitled The Life and Work of Charles Guiteau; and I hereby solemnly proclaim and announce to all the world that no person or persons shall in any manner use my body for any mercenary purpose whatsoever.

"And if at any time hereafter any person or persons shall desire to honor my remains, they can do it by erecting a monument whereon shall be inscribed these words: Ă«Here lies the body of Charles Guiteau, Patriot and Christian. His soul is in glory.'


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