Famous Last Will and Testament Author Franz Kafka

About the last will and testament of famous Austrian author Franz Kafka.


FRANZ KAFKA, Austrian author, died 1924

Last Will: His literary legacy was Kafka's sole concern. A note found in his desk and addressed to friend Max Brod stated: "Here is my last will concerning everything I have written. . .the only books that can stand are. . .The Judgment, The Stoker, Metamorphosis, Penal Colony, Country Doctor. . . I do not mean that I wish them to be. . .handed down to posterity. On the contrary, should they disappear altogether that would please me best. . . .But everything else of mine. . . without exception is to be burned, and I beg you to do this as soon as possible." Brod, having refused a similar verbal request, did not consider himself bound to comply. Instead he edited for posthumous publication the manuscripts of The Trial, The Castle, and America.

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