Famous Last Will and Testament FBI Leader J. Edgar Hoover

About the last will and testament of famous American FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover.


JOHN EDGAR HOOVER, U.S. law-enforcement official, died 1972

Last Will: Constant companion Clyde Tolson received the bulk of Hoover's $425,000 estate, much of which Tolson auctioned off before his own death in 1975. To the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., went $5,000 for the upkeep of Hoover family graves. After Tolson's death, a series of legal transactions gave control of the Hoover legacy to FBI executive John P. Mohr. Several claims were made against the Hoover estate, mostly by mental patients, but these were never litigated in court. However, Tolson's disposition of his share resulted in contention as well as the dismemberment and depletion of the Hoover property.

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