Famous Last Will and Testament Muslim Leader Aga Khan III

About the last will and testament of famous Muslim leader Aga Khan III.


AGA KHAN III, Muslim religious leader, died 1957

Last Will: He astonished the world by skipping two sons to name his 20-year-old grandson. Prince Karim Khan, as Aga Khan IV. He said that considering "the fundamentally altered conditions of the world... I am convinced ...that I should be succeeded by a young man...brought up and developed... in the midst of the new age, and who brings a new outlook on life to his office." His widow, the begum,"in whose wise judgment I place the greatest confidence," was directed to guide her grandson on general policy for seven years. By Muslim law, three equal parts of the $1.5 million estate went to the begum and two other sons, Prince Aly and Prince Sadruddin Khan.

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