Famous Last Will and Testament President Warren G. Harding

About the last will and testament of United States President Warren G. Harding.


WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING, U.S. president, died 1923

Last Will: Six weeks before his sudden death, Harding wrote his final testament. From an estate worth $930,444.54, he provided generously for his widow, father, siblings, and other kin (though nothing for his only direct descendant, a daughter--or for her unmarried mother, Nan Britton). Essentially a small-town businessman, Harding owned numerous properties in Marion, O. The town received $25,000 for "creation of some permanent improvement. . .in any one of the three city parks." Headed IN THE NAME OF THE BENEVOLENT FATHER OF ALL, Harding's was the last presidential will to reflect personal religious beliefs. The Hading Memorial Association of Marion ultimately obtained possession of most of Harding's personal property.

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