Famous Last Will and Testament Producer John Shubert

About the last will and testament of famous American producer John Shubert.


JOHN SHUBERT, U.S. theatrical producer, died 1962

Last Will: A highly publicized hearing brought two women who claimed to be Shubert's legal widow face to face. At issue was the validity of a 1960 will in which Shubert left most of his $600,000 estate to Kerttu Helene Shubert, whom he divorced in Mexico in 1961. That divorce and his subsequent Mexican marriage to Nancy Eyerman were finally voided, and a 1962 will that left the estate to his second wife and trust funds to their children was found invalid. But a compromise settlement recognized Nancy's daughter and son as Shubert's legitimate children and awarded them $12,500 apiece. So the bulk of the estate went, as originally provided, to the "first" Mrs. Shubert.

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