Famous Last Will and Testament Publisher William Randolph Hearst

About the last will and testament of famous American publisher William Randolph Hearst.


WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST, U.S. publisher, died 1951

Last Will: From his $59.5 million estate, three trusts were created for his widow, sons, and the Hearst Foundation for Charitable Purposes. Confronting persistent rumors that he had sired children outside his marriage, Hearst willed anyone who could prove "that he or she is a child of mine...the sum of one dollar. I hereby declare that any such asserted claim... would be utterly false." The book-length will included disposition of two old Chevrolet trucks, 157 wild animal skins, and San Simeon-Hearst's $30 million castle. Bequeathed to the University of California, the colossal mansion was declined as too expensive to maintain, but the state government finally accepted it. Longtime companion, actress Marion Davies, received no bequest but was amply provided for earlier.

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